Our DTP specialists makes sure that translation, layout and graphical design all work together. When we translate you instruction manuals, brochures and catalogues to one or more languages, you also have the option to order print-ready files at delivery.


Audiovisual services, transcriptions, subtitling and speak for your business. We offer the most effective translation services for audio-visual material and offer access to our global network of specialists in transcription, subtitling and speak.


We always guarantee the highest quality and fast delivery. All of our translators have Master’s degrees (or equivalent to), with professional experience, translating only to their native languages.

Professional translation for your business

– We break down language barriers with proper translation.


Our integrated system makes it easy for you to send and receive your projects, get an estimate for your translation as well as keep a complete overview of your projects and assignments, enabling you to keep track on the process and budget. Through here you will also have the oportunity to see interesting reports regarding your spending, reuse of translations etc.


Since your customers make their decisions based on the information they can find online, it is important that your website shows up in the search results, when a potential customer is looking for your products – not just in one language, but in all of them.


Generally speaking, localization has to do with altering a text, in ways that make it fit seamlessly into any location. For example, often it is not enough to just translate a contract; the contract must be scrutinized in accordance to local laws and regulations. We provide access to out global network of legal experts.


Copyright is the regulations protecting any “work”. We provide patents; utility models; trademarks and design rights.

State authorized translators

We will provide the translator best suited to the job, specialized in both factual and literary texts. Lingo Pilot can provide the final product as PDF and/or as a physical sheet.

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Authorized Translation

ISO 9001 and 17100 Certification is the new internationally recognized standard for the translation industry, covering the essential processes associated with delivering a translation service.

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State Authorized interpreters

 Lingo Pilot is a professional interpreting and translation bureau, offering interpreters to both private and public sectors. Depending on your needs, we help with both simultaneous interpretation; consecutive interpretation; and whisper interpretation.

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Our customers

Document translation

Document translation is a common signifier for all types of legal, technical and medical documents. We operate with several subcategories, sorted after length and difficulty. Read more about our subcategories here.

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Business translation

With our business translation solutions, through marketing texts, we focus on helping our clients reach a wider audience outside of their national borders. We help create a text that best represents our clients brand, in any desired language.

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Audio and Text

Whether you’re working with e-learning or global advertising campaigns, we will find the right voice, that elevates your project to the next level. We use the newest technologies, processes, and quality-assurance methods to optimize our skills and cooperation to ensure that you get the results you expect – at a fair prize.

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